The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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Alan or Allen Carr, appointed May 6th, 1615. He owned several parcels of land in East Grinstead and Lingfield.
James Inians, appointed Sept. 2nd, 1637. Was formerly Rector of Streat and St. Ann's, Lewes; buried Feb. 23rd, 1642, at East Grinstead.
Richard Goffe or Gough, appointed 1643; ejected because he was proved to be "a common haunter of Tavernes and Alehouses, a common swearer of bloudy oathes and singer of baudy songs, and often drunko and keepeth company with Papists and scandalous persons."
Samuel Pretty, 1645. The living was sequestered from Gough to this Vicar, who does not seem to have been in Holy Orders. He was ordered to pay a fifth part of the profits of the Vicarage to his predecessor's wife, and neglecting to do so an action was brought against him. While it was in progress the Committee of Plundered Ministers sequestered the Vicarage from Pretty and returned him " into the County of Wiltshire, from where he had been driven by the King's forces." This was on Feb. 17th, 1645-6.
Stephen Watkins, Puritan, appointed Feb. 17th, 1645-6, but resigned before Aug. 27th, 1647.
George Blundell, appointed Aug. 27th, 1647. Described as "a godlie man and orthodox Divine " (a Puritan), but he afterwards con­formed.
Robert Crayford, appointed Feb. 10th, 1657. A Puritan. Sub­sequently Rector of Barcombe; buried there Sept. 21st, 1709.
Christopher Snell, appointed 1658, a Puritan ; ejected 1662.
John Say well, D.D., appointed Aug. 31st, 1671. Resigned in the following Nov. and reinstated the same month.
John Staples, M.A., appointed Jan. 25th, 1689. Died of small-pox Aug. 2nd and buried at night Aug. 4th, 1732.
George Gurnett, M.A., appointed Nov. 15th, 1732. Formerly Rector of West Chiltington; died Aug. 2nd, 1746.
Thomas James, M.A., appointed Nov. 25th, 1746.
Henry Woodward, M.A., appointed June 9th, 1757. Died Nov. 20th, 1763.
Charles Whitehead, M.A., appointed Jan. 13th, 1764. Afterwards Rector of Worth.
Stileman Bostock, M.A., formerly Rector of Folkington, appointed Mar. 15th, 1792.
Richard Taylor, M.A., appointed April 23rd, 1811, died Mar. 20th, 1835.
Christopher Nevill, M.A., appointed May 27th, 1835, died Dec. 15th, 1847. While acting as English chaplain at Lisbon in 1830 Mr. Nevill collected the necessary funds for the erection of a sarco­phagus over the grave of Henry Fielding, the novelist, who died at Lisbon in 1754.
John Netherton Harward, M.A., appointed June 6th, 1848, died Nov. 24th, 1863.
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