The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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NONCONFORMIST CHURCHES.                         89
The house adjoining the chapel was added in 1813 and the vestry was built in 1862 and opened on April 9th. The chapel underwent extensive repairs in 1880.
The following is as complete a list of ministers as can be compiled from such records as are still in existence :—
Rev. A. Start, appointed 1813. Died at Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
Rev. Geo. Mottram, appointed 1820. Died at Ashbourne, Derby­shire.
Rev. James Trego, appointed 1825.
Rev. W. Alldridge, appointed 1829.
Rev. Cole.
Rev. J. Blomfield, preached his farewell sermon March 24th, 1844.
Rev. Robinson, preached his first sermon March 31st, 1844.
Rev. Gibb, afterwards went to America.
Rev. W. Sisterson, Dec. 9th, 1855, to Dec. 12th, 1858.
Rev. D. Davies, appointed without the church members being con­sulted, March 27th, 1879.
Rev. E. E. Long, Aug. 15th, 1869, to Jan. 28th, 1877.
Rev. W. A. Linnington, appointed Oct. 6th, 1878.
Rev. Joseph Bainton, appointed July 1st, 1888, now at Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
Rev. J. Campbell began his ministry June 28th, 1903.
Burials formerly took place in the tiny piece of ground in front of the chapel and the last of these interments was the occasion of a very remarkable demonstration. On May 13th, 1846, a young man named George Pobgee died at the age of 23. He was a very intelligent fellow and possessed high educational attainments. He had publicly expressed his scepticism in regard to religion, so the Rev. C. Nevill, the then vicar, declined to allow the relations to inter the body in the family vault in the churchyard, and himself picked out a place for burial close to the back door of the Rose beerhouse, where the Pobgees resided, so that the body should be brought no further into the churchyard than was absolutely necessary. He declined to read the burial service or allow anyone else to do so. The relations refused to fall in with the conditions and the body remained unburied for 10 days. Then the Dissenters offered to bury the young fellow in front of Zion Chapel. This offer was accepted and the funeral on May 23rd was the
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