The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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104                      HISTORY OF EAST GRlNSTEAD.
On leaving the College Herman was presented to a good living in Sussex, but being a Royalist Richard Cromwell accounted him a malignant and declined to sanction his institution. Kidder was then at Cambridge, and he was instrumental in getting his old master appointed head master of Stamford Grammar School. He subsequently became rector of Tinwell, in Rutland, where he was bm*ied in 1668.
4.    George Parkyns was appointed in 1657 and died in 1663.
5.    William Bushey, 1663, to Jan. 21st, 1677.
6.    Joh. Cuttefordwas first sent to the College by the Earl of Dorset on Aug. 10th, 1673, as a pensioner. He had previously lived at Bristol, where he attained to civic honours and was one of the chief inspectors of the port. At the Restoration he was granted a certificate of loyalty. He seems to have fallen on hard times, and when he was appointed to a pension in the College he was described by the Earl as " very aged, and a fit object of my charity." He was subsequently appointed collector for the Earl of Dorset's estates in Sussex, and stepped into the Wardenship on the death of William Bushey, holding it until March 24th, 1680.
7.    Rev. Thomas Grice, appointed on Aug. 20th, 1680, was also incumbent of Gosport. He held the office until June, 1684.
8.    Richard Jux, previously an inmate of the College since Aug. 18th, 1676; was Warden for nine months only, July 18th, 1684, to April 8th, 1685.
9.    Rev. Thomas Hardmett held office less than seven months, May 22nd, 1685, to Dec. 5th, 1685.
10.    Rev. Thomas Winterbottom was appointed the same day as his predecessor was buried, Dec. 8th, 1685. He resigned after holding office 31 years. On May 12th, 1687, the Rev. John Wood, Rector of Horsted Keynes, made an agreement with this Warden that for 10 a year the latter should read Divine sevice every Sunday and Saint's day at Horsted Keynes, and preach a sermon when required at 8s. extra for each sermon.
11.    John Millington, a native of Coventry and long in the Dorset service, was admitted as a pensioner on Nov. 4th, 1710, was made Assistant Warden on Aug. 27th, 1715, and stepped into the office of Warden on Sept. 29th, 1716, the only person who ever occupied all three positions.
12.    John Bright, 1733 to 1751.
13.    William Wood, 1751, to Sept. 14th, 1772.
14.    George Knight, April 21st, 1772, to Oct. 7th, 1813, a Warden-ship of 41 years, exactly half the length of his life.
15.    Thomas Palmer, Nov. 3rd, 1813, died Dec. 4th, 1844. During his term of office he got the Patron to appoint inmates, who, without receiving pensions, should occupy the vacant rooms, and this practice has been continued ever since.
16.    Rev. John Mason Neale, D.D. The warrant of this famous Warden bears date May 26th, 1846, eighteen months after his predecessor's death, but he arrived at the College about a month
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