The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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106                      HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
Medical Officer of the East Grinstead Workhouse and the High Grove Sanatorium, Public Vaccination Officer for East Grinstead, and Surgeon to the East Grinstead Court of Foresters and Sanctuary of Shepherds.
By his will the founder of the College ordained that " there shall be two of the honest and better sort of the inhabitants of the said town of East Grinstead, associates to the said Warden, to be elected and chosen, from time to time, by me and my heirs for the better government and ordering of the said Hospital or College." They were each to receive 3. 6s. 8d. per annum. This office of Associate or Assistant Warden has been held by many distinguished people, as the following list will show:
Edward Iron.
Edward Balder.
Sackville Turner.
Sir Henry Compton, Bart., of Brambletye, son-in-law of the founder, appointed 1628. Sir Henry took more interest in the cause of King Charles than he did in Sackville College. He was one of the Sussex Royalists whose estates were sequestered by an ordinance issued on Aug. 19th, 1643, but he was allowed to compound by paying to Cromwell's Exchequer the sum of 1,372. 2s.
Edward Bender.
John Thacker.
Edward Lucas was elected by the pensioners themselves about 1645. He worked extremely hard in promoting the claims of the inmates to the money left them by the founder, and it was almost solely due to his voluntary exertions that the College was preserved as a charitable institution. He was receiver of the College, and died, deeply mourned, on Nov. 29th, 1667.
Richard Cole.
Rev. R. Crayford, Vicar of East Grinstead, appointed in 1668.
James Linfield, appointed 1674.
Thomas More, appointed 1674.
Rev. John Saywell, DD., Vicar of East Grinstead, appointed 1684.
John Milles, appointed Sept. 29th, 1688.
Thomas'Bodle, appointed Sept. 29th, 1689. This sub-warden farmed the land around the College and also owned property in Church Street.
Edmund Head, appointed Sept. 29th, 1706.
John Millington, appointed Aug. 27th, 1715, afterwards Warden.
Richard Still, appointed Sept. 29th, 1716.
Erancis Green, appointed Dec. 25th, 1718.
Benjamin Faulconer, appointed March 25th, 1727.
John Thorpe, appointed Sept. 29th, 1727.
Edward Green, appointed March 25th, 1749.
John Smith.
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