The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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EAST GRINSTEAD AND ITS MANORS.                 109
Manor of East Green stead by fealty only. This Manor of Wilmington was afterwards charged with 20 a year for the support of Sackville College, East Grinstead. It now forms part of the possessions of the Duke of Devonshire.
At an inquest held in East Grinstead on August 19th, 1574, concerning the possessions of Henry Alfrey, an idiot, who had died on March 6th preceding, it appeared that he held certain lands and tenements called Heathland, in Estgrynsted, of Philip, Earl of Surrey, as of his Manor of Sheffeld Grensted, by rent of 20s. in free socage; and they were computed to be worth 7. 7s. lOd. This same family owned Gulledge, Tilkhurst and other properties.
In 1580, at an inquest held concerning the estates of John Payne, of East Grinstead, it was proved that two burgages and two portlands called Gaynesford, and a cottage called the Forge, were held of Queen Elizabeth in chief, as of her Manor of Estgreensted, the two burgages by fealty and rent of 12d. and the cottage by fealty and rent of 10d., the burgages being worth 53s. 4d. and the cottage 13s. 4d. The same person held another burgage and portland of the same Manor, and these were rented at 17d. and worth 20s. He was also seised of a croft containing three acres and called Shortes Crofte, and a field of seven acres called the Greenefylde, held of Philip, Earl of Arundel, as of his Manor of Sheffyld Greenested by fealty, the former at a rent of 18d. and worth 6s., and the latter at a rent of 7d. and worth 4s.
In 1606 the Manor of Grinstead was rented at 11. 8s. ll1/2d. per annum, and in 1835 it belonged to the Biddulph family, of Petworth. The Manor of Sheffield Grinsted was purchased, about 60 years ago, by the late Mr. William Pearless, and the Lordship is now held by his two sons, James and Reginald, as his trustees.
The Manor and ruined mansion of Brambletye have, by means of Horace Smith's well-known novel, very little of which is based on fact, acquired a fame which they
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