The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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son is Lord Milner, the famous statesman and late High Commissioner of South Africa.
In 1650 this Manor comprised in the parish of East Grinstead : " One messuage or tenem one barne and certaine assart lands called leggs heath" containing 10 acres and rented at Is. per annum; " one tenem' called Brockets als Tyces al Tavels and one barne and 3 crofts of assert lands at Plawhatch " of four acres at 9s ; " one cottage and one pcell of land called the Clay Pitts" of 21/2 acres at Is.; "ij peeces of assert lands called Clay-pitts" of six acres at 2s.; and "two pcells of assert lands called Twyfords" of seven acres at Is. 6d. At this same date there was held for this Manor, according to the returns of the Commissioners appointed to report on the royal lands, "a Court Barron or three weekes court, still continued from three weeks to three" for trial of actions under 20s. The jurisdiction of this Court extended over the Hundred, the Town and the Borough of East Grinstead. The tenants of the Manor had to perform their service at these Courts. There was also the Aves Court held annually on the next Tuesday after All Saints Day and the Woodmote Court held three weeks later. At the former the tenants had to pay their fees for turning out cattle on the Forest " yearely for a bullocke half a penny, and for a horse a penny," and at the latter Court make presentments of abuses of customs, of encroachments, &c. The custom of this Manor was for land to descend to the eldest son or daughter, who had to pay one year's quit rent for admission upon decease. A heriot of best beast was payable on death or surrender. Mr. Barchard is the present Lord of this Manor.
Walhill was probably at one period part of the Manor of Imberhorne, but in time became distinct and may be the Warlege referred to in Domesday Book.
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