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THE PAROCHIAL CHARITIES.                         125
receiving the relief and, if able, must have worked when work was offered them. He died on January 3rd, 1627-8, aged 79, and by his will, dated April 24th, 1627, he greatly augmented his previous gifts. The extent of the estate to be administered may be gathered from a Parliamentary report issued in August, 1828. At that date the Trustees of the charity held 4,047 acres of land, yielding a rental of £3,760. 4s. lOd. per annum; from a further unstated quantity the sum of £95 was realised; tithes brought in another £520. 8s. 4d. per annum; and the average profits of a manor were £186. 13s. 4d. In addition nine houses yielded £116. 7s. 6d. a year; fixed rent charges £215, and quit rents £56. 19s. 8d. There was a further sum of £6,185. 12s. Id. invested in redeem­able consols, £9,158. 15s. 4d. in 3 per cent, stock and £1,890. 14s. 7d. in consolidated stock, these three last items bringing in £508. 6s. 8d. a year. The Treasurer further had in hand a cash sum of £2,335. 17s. lOd.
On December 20th, 1641, a deed was executed setting apart the rents of a certain estate to be divided among 21 parishes, of which East Grinstead was one. It was ordered that the churchwardens and overseers of this parish—the Vicar, strange to say, is not named—should receive £15, or an equivalent portion, this sum being then 15-220ths of the whole income from this specific estate. The income received by East Grinstead has varied greatly. From 1813 to 1818 it ranged from £30. 0s. lid. to £35. lis. 6d.; in 1847 it was £40. 7s. 2d.; in 1878 it rose to nearly £60 ; and in 1904 it had dropped to £17. 15s. The estate in question is called Stoughton, and consists of a house and 315-a. 3-r. 9-p. of land in the parishes of Stoughton, Houghton, Errington and Busby, in Leicestershire. The first charge on the rent is one of £24. 2s. 8d., payable to Worth as interest on £804. 10s. 7d. borrowed from that parish for the redemption of the land tax on Stoughton.
Up to 1835 it had been the custom to spend all the money received by East Grinstead on gowns, costing 6s. 6d. each, and giving them at a public meeting to the poor women belonging to the parish, but not always
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