The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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126                      HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
residing in it. The Charity Commissioners characterised this as a most undesirable method of dealing with the money and suggested that some more fitting appropriation of it should be devised. Accordingly a change was made, and general drapery goods have since been purchased and distributed.
This educational charity was founded in the year 1708 by Robert Payne, of Newick, a member of a very old East Grinstead family to which reference has already been made. In the chancel of East Grinstead Church is a tablet bearing the following quaint inscription :
On the monument appear the arms of the Payne family, quartered with, it is presumed, those of Yerwood, to which family belonged Hanna, the wife of Edward Payne and mother of these two " loving brothers."
Robert Payne's will was dated August 16th, 1708, the same year as he died, and it contained the following:
Whereas I am minded and intend to found a Free Grammar School in East Grinstead aforesaid, to teach and instruct the youth of the said parish, and to endow the same with the farms and lands hereinafter
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