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THE PAROCHIAL CHARITIES.                         127
mentioned; And that my Trustees shall and may provide a pious and learned master, to teach in the school-house now built in the said parish, and adjoining to the said church of East Grinstead aforesaid, and to be from time to time nominated and appointed by my said Trustees hereafter named, and the Vicar of East Grinstead aforesaid for the time being; And for the better maintenance of such school­master I doe hereby give and devise unto the aforesaid Richard Payne, Edward Payne, John Payne, son of the said Charles Payne, and to my cousin, Thomas Moore, and to John Staples, clerk, now Vicar of East Grinstead, and to their heirs and assignes for ever, all that my messuage or tenement, barns, buildings, land and hereditaments, with all the appurtenances, commonly called Serryes Farme, or by whatever other name or names called or known, situate, lying and being in the aforesaid parish of East Grinstead and now in the tenure or occupation of the said John Aynscomb or his assignes ; To the intent and purpose and upon this trust and confidence that they the said Richard Payne, Edward Payne, John Payne, Thomas Moore and John Staples, and the survivors and survivor of them, and his heirs, shall yearly for ever pay the whole clear rents and profits of the said farme (after the taxes, reparations, and their necessary charges and disbursements deducted) to such person for the time being as shall be schoolmaster of the said school. And for the continuing of the said charity above mentioned for ever, I doe will and appoint, that when all my said Trustees but one or two, shall be dead, then the surviving Trustees or Trustee shall, by his or their deed of feoffment or other lawful conveyance, convey to six others of the most able and nearest relations of the said surviving Trustees (whereof the Vicar of East Grinstead for the time being, to be one of the said Feoffees) and to their heirs, All the said farme, lands, and premises in the occupation of the said John Aynscomb, or his assigns to the respective uses and trusts aforesaid, of which said new Trustees or Feoffees, after they shall all be dead but one or two, the survivors or survivor in like manner to convey to six others and their heirs; and soe to be conveyed by the survivor or two survivors, to six others and their heirs for ever, in like manner, for the preservation of the said charity for ever, according to the true intent of this my last will and testament. Provided always, in case at any time hereafter the Vicar of the said parish of East Grinstead, for the time being, or any of the inhabitants of the said parish of East Grinstead, shall hinder or molest the schoolmaster of the said intended Free School to teach in the said school-house adjoining the church of East Grinstead, then the said devise of the said farme, lands and premises called Serryes, to the said Richard Payne, Edward Payne, John Payne, Thomas Moore, and John Staples, and their heirs, shall be void ; and in such case I give and devise my said farme, lands, and premises, called Serryes, to my own right heirs for ever. And my further will and meaning concerning the said Free School is, that my said Trustees and their successors shall order and direct how many scholars the schoolmaster shall teach from time to time, at their discretions. And that my Trustees and their successors shall have power to let leases, for one and twenty years, of the said farmo and land called Serryes, from time to time, at the full improved rent thereof.
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