The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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130                      HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
Cromwell House, in the High Street, and later on in what now forms part of Mr. J. B. Allwork's private house. Then at a cost of £5 a year Mr. C. R. Duplex, who was at that time the master, hired a stable-like tenement of two rooms, which stood in the corner of the Hipps field, facing the cottages which now stand in Old Road. Here the school was carried on until he retired on a pension of £40 a year about the year 1880.
In 1887 the Charity Commissioners formulated an entirely new scheme and founded the Payne Endowment as it exists to-day. It is administered by a body of Governors, of whom the Vicar for the time being is the only ex-qfficio member. One other is appointed by the Urban Council, one by the Magistrates for the Petty Sessional Division of East Grinstead and two by the Educational Authority. There are also three co-opted Governors, elected by the remainder, but the first co-opted Governors were nominated in the scheme and numbered five. They were Lord Colchester, the late Earl De la Warr, the late Mr. K. R. Murchison, of Brockhurst, the late Mr. H. R. Freshfield, of Kidbrook, and the Rev. A. J. Swainson, Vicar of Forest Row. All religious differences were stifled by the following clauses:—
Religious opinions or attendance or non-attendance at any particular form of religious worship shall not in any way affect the qualification of any person for being a Governor under this scheme.
No boy or girl shall, by reason of any exemption from attending prayer or religious worship, or from any lesson or series of lessons on a religious subject, be deprived of any advantage or emolument out of the endowment of the Foundation to which he or she would other­wise have been entitled.
The scheme authorises the spending of the income on evening lectures on "scientific, technical or literary subjects," and on the founding of exhibitions each of a yearly value of not less than £10 nor more than £30. The conditions attaching to them are : —
These Exhibitions shall be awarded on the result of such examina­tion as the Governors think fit as nearly as may be equally to boys and girls, not less than 12 nor more than 14 years of age, who are of the parish of East Grinstead.
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