The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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132                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
Mary Ann Haire, the wife of Thomas Haire, a doctor, of Lewes, died on May 3rd, 1854, and by her will, dated December 13th, 1845, she directed 400 to be invested on trust, the income to be expended annually at Christmas on the purchase of bread for distribution among such poor as were not in receipt of alms or parochial relief. Three-eighths of the income were to go to All Saints Parish, Lewes, and one-eighth each to East Grinstead, Lindfield, Buxted, Maresfield and Ardingly. Her estate, however, did not realise sufficient to pay the bequest in full, and in 1879 the Rev. William John Langdale, of Ormonde Terrace, Regent's Park, hearing that the various beneficiaries under the will were bitterly disappointed at the smallness of the legacies as realised, expressed a desire to make a free gift out of his own money to the various charitable institutions which had suffered in consequence of the deficient realisation. Accordingly he paid 968. 17s. Id., and by order of the Court of Chancery a sum of 142. 0s. lOd. was allotted out of it in augmentation of the bread charity. The Charity Commissioners prepared a scheme dividing up the augmented capital among the parishes interested, and they appointed the Vicar and Churchwardens trustees for East Grinstead, but invested the money in their own names. The share of this parish is represented by 28. 2s. 6d. consols, yielding just over 15s. a year, and this is paid annually to a special account in the name of the Rev. D. Y. Blakiston at Barclay & Co.'s Bank. The income is so small that it is allowed to accumulate, and in years of severe distress is used for the purchase of bread or the augmentation of other charities.
This Trust has a very peculiar history and might well be called " The Smith and Mills Charity," for the name of the late Mr. John Mills, of The Rocks, Ashurst Wood, as much merits association with it as that of Mr. John Smith, who was an auctioneer in East Grinstead,
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