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THE PAROCHIAL CHARITIES.                      135
declaration of trust, dated 1869, set forth that half the income, then £29. 12s. 4d. per annum, was to be devoted to the benefit of the church schools in Ashurst Wood and Forest Row, and the other half distributed among the poor. There being no church school at Ashurst Wood, Forest Row gets the full half. The other half is equally divided between the Coal and Soup Fund and the Clothing Club. The conversion of consols by Mr. Goschen slightly reduced the income from this Trust and it is now about £25 per annum.
The Rev. Benjamin Slight, for many years a Noncon≠formist minister at Tunbridge Wells and during the closing period of his life resident in East Grinstead and then at Nenthorn, Ashurst Wood, died on August 17th, 1889, and by his will, dated March 22nd, 1883, left to the Trustees of the Congregational Church at Ashurst Wood the sum of £500, less legacy duty, on trust, "that they and the other Trustees from time to time of the said church do invest the same and apply the income towards the support of the minister or the current expenses of the said church as to its Trustees shall from time to time seem expedient." The capital sum is now represented by £471. 16s. 5d. invested in India 3 per cent, stock in the names of the Charity Commissioners and yielding £14. 3s. a year. There are no expenses of management and the whole income is used to pay the rent of the minister's house or expenses in connection with the chapel. The present Trustees of the chapel are Messrs. Wm. Brackett and F. Bell, of Tunbridge Wells; J. W. Hawkins, of Upper Tooting; James Waters, of Forest Row; Edward Young, of East Grinstead; and B. Grove, G. Mitchell and S. Jenks, of Ashurst Wood. The last named acts as Treasurer and Correspondent.
Mr. John Southey, an old and esteemed tradesman of East Grinstead, died on March 3rd, 1899, and by his
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