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THE PAROCHIAL CHARITIES.                      139
it being purchased by the late Mr. George Gatty, in 1856, from Selina, Viscountess Milton, mother of the present Earl of Liverpool, and the second of the three daughters and co-heirs of the third Earl of Liverpool and third Baron Hawkesbury. The estate fell to her share on the death of her father on October 3rd, 1851. John Evelyn, author of " Sylva," in his diary, makes frequent mention of visits paid by him to his relative, Sir John Evelyn, at Godstone.
More than half the inhabitants of East Grinstead have the right to participate in the benefits of this interesting charity. It was founded, like the Felbridge School Charity, by Mr. James Evelyn, who, by a codicil to his will, dated July 3rd, 1793, recommended that four stone of beef should be provided and made into broth and distributed, as during his lifetime, from the first Thursday in November to the last Thursday in April, and that a round of beef, weighing not less than 4-stone 2-lbs., should be provided every Sunday in the year, as during his lifetime, and that the schoolmistress should be allowed at the rate of one penny per head for beer and one penny per head for bread for those who partook of it. The number of guests was not to be less than 12 nor more than 14. Two hundred faggots were to be provided yearly for the schoolmistress to dress the meat with, and she was to be allowed sixpence a week for preparing the broth. On April 19th, 1807, the Court of Chancery made an order setting aside the sum of 3,500 from a total capital of 11,327. 8s. 9d. invested in 3 per cent, annuities, to meet all future expenses of this charity. On July 15th, 1821, the Hon. Chas. Cecil Cope Jenkinson, who had married James Evelyn's granddaughter, was M.P. for East Grinstead, and afterwards became Earl of Liverpool, together with Samuel Forster, of Lincoln's Inn, were made trustees of the charity, and the costs of this order were paid out of the capital sum belonging to it, the amount invested being thereby reduced to 3,441. 10s. 6d. It was invested in the names of the
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