The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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146                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
on business as timber merchants here and their bill was a very heavy one. Mr. Whatley and later on Mr. Jourdon were also frequent consignors of timber from the Bower Farm and Gotwick Farm, in East Grin-stead, and also from Blindley Heath and West Hoathly to Westminster, Vauxhall or Lambeth; Messrs. White and Jourdon from Crabbet, Worth; the Crosses, Lingfield, and elsewhere to London. Another merchant doing a large business then between this town and London was Mr. Walters. " Esquire" Evelyn then had Felbridge Park, and his name figures frequently in the book as a creditor for corn, &c, sold to the worthy carrier.
" Master Turner of Ember Horn," also figures occasionally in the ledger, as also does Mr. Edward Prentis as a buyer of timber from the same estate, and from Laberty (possibly Lavortye, a part of Brambletye), his timber going to Tonbridge wharf, for distribution over Kent. Mr. Edward Belchambers and afterwards Messrs. Belchambers & Rose were apparently trading in 1769 as timber merchants, for some thousands of planks and scantlings were brought for them to East Grinstead Common from Blockfield Farm, Blackham, Crawley Down and elsewhere, and thence distributed to London and all parts of the country.
The whole of the entries in this extremely interesting book are beautifully written, though the orthography is peculiar. The following recipes on the final page may give a useful (?) hint to horse owners of the present time:
A Eeaceat for to Cure a Brokeing Winding Horse. The first thing you must do is to Bleed the Horse in the Vain of the Nick, then give him Holfe a Pint of Sweet Oile the first day, the nixt day you most give him a quort of Ases milk, a quort of Surrup of Howr Hound, a Pint of Red Wine, a Pound and quorton of Honey, 2 ounces of Spanish Lickrish, and Stire it all togather for 10 minnetts and Keep him fasting for 2 Howrs bfore and after.-----this Eeaseat will Cure.
A Eeaceat for to Cure a Horse that Bleed at nose. Take three Handfulls of Bramble Leaves and Three Handfulls of Hunny Suckles Leaves and three Handfulls of Stinging Nettles. Put them in 3 quorts of Spring Water and Stew them till it Comes to a quort.
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