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The following is a complete list of the officers who have commanded the East Grinstead Company :—
Capt. A. E. Margary, of Chartham, Feb. 9th, 1860, to May 4th, 1861. Capt. Margary was formerly in the 54th Foot and was made an honorary major in the Army on retirement.
Capt. Grenville Granville Wells, of Ashdown House, May 4th, 1861, to June 27th, 1863. This officer joined the Corps as a Lieutenant on Oct. 3rd, 1860.
Capt. W. A. Pearless, June 27th, 1863, to Feb. 16th, 1866. Mr. William Austen Pearless, a member of the well-known firm of local solicitors, joined as an Ensign on May 4th, 1861, and got his Lieutenancy on April 18th, 1863. On Feb. 16th, 1866, he resigned the captaincy and was made Honorary Assist. Quarter-Master of the Regiment. He rejoined the East Grinstead Corps on March 7th, 1871, and for a second time became Captain, commanding the Company until June 28th, 1885, when he died at Uplands, while his men were encamped at Arundel Park. He had been made an Honorary Major on Nov. 23rd, 1881.
Capt. F. S. Blunt, of Crabbett, Feb. 16th, 1866, to March 7th, 1871.
Major E. Henty, of Crawley, from the autumn of 1885, to Dec. 9th, 1893. This officer also served in the Cuckfield and Arundel Com­panies. He holds the Volunteers Officers' decoration for 20 years' service.
Capt. J. S. Oxley, of Fen Place, Dec. 9th, 1893, to Aug. 8th, 1902. Mr. Oxley joined the Company as 2nd Lieutenant on June 25th, 1887. He was made Lieutenant on Jan. 26th, 1889; Captain on Feb. 10th, 1894; and Honorary Major on Nov. 10th, 1897. He was first appointed to the Staff of the Battalion on Dec. 6th, 1890, as Instructor of Musketry. He was formerly a Captain in the 1st V.B. Royal Fusiliers and since 1901 has been A.D.C. to the Brigadier commanding the Sussex and Kent Volunteer Infantry Brigade. On Aug. 9th, 1902, he was on duty as a Gold Staff Officer at the King's Coronation in Westminster Abbey and received the Coronation medal. As a long range shot Major Oxley has had few superiors. He has often been included in the English team for the Elcho Shield and has won many valuable prizes at Wimbledon and Bisley.
Capt. S. W. P. Beale, of Standen, took command Aug. 8th 1902. He joined the Corps on April 28th, 1887, as 2nd Lieutenant; became Lieutenant on March 15th, 1899; was made an Honorary Captain in the Army on July 26th, 1902, and Captain of "C" Company on Sept. 27th of the same year. He commanded the second Active Service Company sent out to South Africa from Sussex, and served in the Boer War from April, 1901, to June, 1902. He acted as Intelligence Officer to Lieut.-Col. Du Moulin's and Major Gilbert's column from Aug., 1901, to March, 1902. He wears the Queen's medal, with clasps for Cape Colony and Orange Free State.
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