The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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174                      HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
Since the establishment of the Corps the following have also held commissions:
Arthur Charles Ramsden, Lieutenant from Feb. 20th, 1860, to Oct. 3rd, 1860.
William Alston Head, of High Street, now of Domons, East Grinstead, joined as Ensign Feb. 20th, 1860, made Lieutenant May 4th, 1861; resigned April 18th, 1863; made Hon. Assist. Quarter-Master in the Battalion March 7th, 1871, resigned April 24th, 1880.
John Whyte, Lingfield Lodge, East Grinstead, Hon. Assist. Surgeon from May 18th, 1860, to Dec. 19th, 1864.
Rev. Edward Polehampton, Rector of Hartfield, Hon. Chaplain from July 11th, 1861, to July 24th, 1880.
John Cuthbert Stenning, Steel Cross, Tunbridge Wells, Ensign April 18th, 1863; Lieutenant June 27th, 1863; resigned Sept. 6th, 1867.
William Rudge, Ensign from June 27th, 1863, to December 19th, 1864.
James Richardson Pearless, of The Hermitage, now of Sackville Cottage, East Grinstead, joined the Corps on its formation ; made Ensign Dec. 19th, 1864; Lieutenant March 7th, 1871 ; Hon. Capt. on his resignation Feb. 7th, 1891. Received a public presentation on completing 30 years' service Feb. 22nd, 1890, and Volunteer Officers' Decoration in July, 1892.
Robert Turner Head, High Street, East Grinstead, Hon. Assist. Surgeon from Dec. 19th, 1864, to Dec. 22nd, 1875; Assist. Surgeon to the Regiment Dec. 21st, 1872; Surgeon Oct. 1st, 1877; resigned Jan. 5th, 1881.
William Vicesimus Knox Stenning, Halsford, East Grinstead, Ensign March 7th, 1871 ; Lieutenant June 1st, 1873; resigned July 7th, 1880. Mr. Sfcenning was a renowned county shot and brought several valuable prizes to East Grinstead.
Charles Edward Collins, Redstede, East Grinstead, Assist. Surgeon December 22nd, 1875; Surgeon Oct. 1st, 1877; Staff Surgeon Feb. 7th, 1880 ; Surgeon-Major Aug. 29th, 1891 ; resigned Feb. 10th, 1894. Mr. Collins has been a well-known shot at Wimbledon, where he won many valuable prizes, including the Wimbledon Cup in 1886.
Evelyn Alston Head, of Westfields, now of Daledene, East Grinstead, 2nd Lieutenant May 18th, 1881 ; Lieutenant July 1st, 1881 ; resigned Nov. 17th, 1883.
Reginald Wilson Pearless, of The Hermitage, now of Green Hedges, East Grinstead, Lieutenant from Oct. 24th, 1885, to March 26th, 1887.
John Ashburner Nix, Tilgate, Crawley, 2nd Lieutenant Nov. 2nd, 1889; Lieutenant June 13th, 1891; made Captain and posted to the command of the Worthing Company, March 24th, 1897.
John H. Luscombe, Hayheath, Worth, 2nd lieutenant April 28th, 1897; Lieutenant June 3rd, 1899; resigned Aug. 11th, 1902, and joined the Royal Garrison Regiment,
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