The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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SOME LOCAL WORTHIES.                            185
1861, May 29th. Mr. Palmer was buried to-day in the family vault. A legacy of £100 was left me by my old master.
1861,  Nov. 28th. Took a debtor to Lewes Prison. He walked four miles and brought me a rabbit by 6.30 a.m. It is not common to find prisoners so obliging. I walked round the town of Lewes with him before I lodged him in prison.
1862,  June 10th. Mr. John Smith died. Having been auctioneer, banker, &c, for so many years he will be missed. He had obtained a respectable standing, being a man of integrity and had acquired wealth.
1862, Aug. 14th. Rev. J. H. Bray died this evening. He has been curate here 11 months. His simple, direct and earnest preaching of the Gospel, coupled with a consistent life, secured the approval and attachment of the parishioners generally, including the Dissenters.
1864, May 31st. Went to Felbridge Park and seized a horse for a heriot, in consequence of Mr. Gatty's death.
1867, May 22nd. Snow storms—not a stray flake or two, but actually fierce and plentiful falls of snow, covering the house-tops. It is the Derby day.
1867,  May 24th. Ice this morning half an inch thick.
1868, Feb. 4th. Mr. John Stenning died at Brighton, aged 93. A remarkable instance of what industry and sobriety, when blessed by God, will do.
1868, Aug. 12th. The Judge has an attack of gout Drinkers have not always settled their wine account when they pay their wine merchant.
1870,  June 8th. I now cease my connection with Zion Sunday School, after about 38 years' close attachment and steady attention to it. I have not had fair play from the ruling deacons and shall join the new Moat School, where I anticipate a wider and fairer course of action.
1871,   Feb. 6th. Mr. Murphy lectured on The Confessional. I doubt whether the evil is not more likely to predominate than the good from such revelations.
1872,  March 14th. Wound up accounts of Thanksgiving festivities for recovery of Prince of Wales. Besides their subscriptions each member of the Committee had to pay 8s. to make fund balance.
1872,  Dec. 11th. Fair day. In consequence of the liquor shops being compelled to close at 11, there were but few cases of rioting.
1873,  Feb. 15th. Coal is now 50s. a ton.
1874,   Jan. 2nd. Mr. Wm. Stenning died; a gentleman highly respected by all classes and who, by a generous and consistent life, showed that he was a doer as well as a hearer of Christ's words.
1875,  August 30th. Mr. Fearless was buried to-da}T. There was a marked absence of the too frequent funeral trappings, no hat-bands, no scarves, no feathers, no mutes, no coaches, mourners walked behind an unadorned hearse.
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