The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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194                      HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
investing his money safely otherwise than in farming land, and the expulsion from the ancestral acres by the prosperous Squire only too often resulted in pauperising and extinguishing such old families as we are here speaking of. Some such disaster would seem to have overtaken the Sheriff's successors, for if any descendants of the name now exist they are not known to local annalists.
John Payne, ex-Sheriff and squire, died no doubt in his picturesque old farmhouse at Legsheath at the age of 85, and was buried in the Churchyard of East Grinstead, 13th March, 1760. Whatever his foibles, his will shows him to have been a careful man, of kindly and genial disposition, with a due allowance of family pride and other pleasant traits, nor could his worst detractor say that he was too little appreciative of the dignity to which he was called.
The following interesting extracts are from his will, dated 3rd May, 1754, and proved 2nd May, 1760 :
To Mary Head, wife of Edward Head, the interest of 100 to be put out at four per cent, for her natural life, with remainder to her daughter Mary Taylor.
To William How 50, and to Elizabeth How, and Sarah How his two sisters 30 each.
To Joseph Bridgeland son of John Bridgeland 100.
To John Showing 50.
To William Payne, son of Edward Payne of Monkshill 450 to be laid out on a mortgage upon Monkshill, The interest of which 450 I give to my cousin Edward Payne of Monkshill for his life. I also give to my cousin Edward Payne, of Monkshill his living in Legsheath, and the use of all the goods there till his son William Payne is 23 yr old.
To Robert Payne 5 p. ann. for his life, to be paid out of a ffarm called Smiths in Surrey.
To Mary Payne 40/- p. ann. for her life, to be paid out of " Smiths " aforesaid.
To Susannah Shewing 30.
To Richard Payne I give a small ffarm called " Holehouse " for his life.
To Colonel Joseph Ottaway 50,
To John Smith Esq 500.
All the residue of my estate real and personal; all my ffreehold and copyhold Lands in Sussex, Kent, and Surrey I give to my cousin William Payne son of Edward Payne, of Monkshill for his natural life, and I make him the said William Payne, son of Edward Payne,
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