The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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Aug. 18th, 1662. I set forwards on my journey to Chichester with Mr. Hale and Mr. Chatfield, physician and scholemaster at East Grinstead, who met us at Portslade, whither wee went together and came back together. On the 19th I payed in theyr presence to Robert Symes, sub-collector for the tythes of 1660 and 1661 due at Christmasse, the summe of 2 and a marke all over and above for charges, to the which he knavishly and unjustly put me, amounting to 1. 6s. 7d. I spent in charges going and coming, 10s. lOd.
Aug. 10th, 1667. To Mr. Moore, of East Grinstead, collector, for 8 tire hearths due for one whole yeare expiring at Michaelmas, together with one yeare more for the brewhouse chimney, I payed 18s. (The hearth and chimney tax was clearly no light one at this time.)
Sept. 12th, 1669. I spent at East Grinstead when Mat (apparently his daughter) was confirmed by the Bishop, Is. 4d.
In the journal of Timothy Burrell, barrister-at-law, of Ockenden House, Cuckfield, occurs the following:
March 24th, 1687. Church tax 11d. Letter 4d. 9 ells of Holland 1. 4s. I spent at East Grinstead (possibly during the Assizes) 1. 2s.
March 26th, 1693. I spent at the Assizes at East Grinstead 1. 5s. (The Winter Assizes in these days were held alternately at East Grinstead and Horsham, and in the summer at Lewes.)
Richard Stapley, in his diary, under date August 3rd, 1697-8, notes:
Bought a pair of double sewed ramskin gloves of Tobie Showen, of East Grinstead, which cost me 2s. 6d.
Tobias Shewin will be found mentioned on page 40 as a burgess of the Borough in 1678-1683.
Thomas Turner, of East Hoathly, who belonged to
the family which for several centuries has occupied
Tablehurst, Forest Row, left this record in his
voluminous diary:
May 2nd, 1764. This day was fought a main of cocks at our public-house between the gentlemen of East Grinstead and the gentlemen of East Hoathly, for half-a-guinea a battle and two guineas the odd battle, which was won by the gentlemen of East Grinstead, they winning five battles out of six fought in the main. I believe there was a good deal of money sported on both sides.
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