The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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212                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge, and after­wards served the Curacy of Cuckfield, Sussex. He was appointed Chaplain in March, 1867, soon after completing his 31st year, and held the position until his death on September 19th, 1892. He was a worthy successor to the great founder; a man of sincere piety, of wide general information and cheerfulness of spirit; eloquent in speech and kindly in manner; a man who could not fail to win the affection of all he met; the friend of all in suffering, need or distress. Regarded here in his early days with distrust, by reason of his advanced views, he lived down, and more than lived down, every vestige of this early unpopularity, never personal to himself, but attaching to the office he held in a community, viewed in those days with somewhat general disfavour, but now enjoying almost universal esteem. Many probably will credit Laughton Alison, and justly too, perhaps, with a prime share in effecting this pleasant change of sentiment towards an institution of which East Grinstead may well be proud. Certain it is, that for all his retiring habits, and almost unconnected as he was with the parochial life of East Grinstead, he somehow came to be known and held in affectionate esteem by all classes in the town, and on the day of his quiet funeral the place seemed hushed in general mourning for a well-loved friend. Such in brief outline was Father Alison, a title gradually conceded to him outside his cure, even by those who in matters of ritual stood far apart from him, but learnt to know his worth, and to read in him the record of a useful, unselfish and singularly blameless life. To him succeeded the Rev. R. E. Hutton, the present Chaplain, who was born in 1859 at Sompting Vicarage, Sussex, and ordained Priest in 1885 in Chichester Cathedral. Prior to coming to East Grinstead Mr. Hutton held several curacies, among others that of Pevensey, under the Ven. Archdeacon Sutton, and All Saints', Clifton, under Dr. Randall, the late Dean of Chichester.
The first Mother Superior, Miss Gream (Sister Ann), was succeeded by Miss Crocker (Sister Alice), a very
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