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CRIMINAL RECORDS.                             221
Boldry at East Grinstead in 1771, after ordering him to be hung by the neck till he was dead, added, " Let him be hung in chains on the most convenient spot upon Burpham New Downs, in the parish of Burpham, nearest to the gate at the end of Blakehurst Lane, near Arundel, in the County of Sussex."
At the East Grinstead Assizes on March 24th, 1789, one James Winn was convicted of horse stealing, and as a reward for his efforts in securing a conviction, Henry Bye was granted what was known as a " Tyburn ticket" —in reality a certificate exempting him from all parish and ward offices.
There were East Grinstead bank notes as early as 1812, for on March 23rd of that year Michael Ury was sentenced to death for stealing a £2 East Grinstead bank note.
On August 9th, 1817, sentence of death was passed on James Graham for burglary at Worth.
On March 16th, 1818, James Cooper was sentenced to death for cattle stealing at East Grinstead; at the Assizes a year later, on March 24th, James Betchley suffered a like penalty for horse stealing at Hartfield, and nine years later, on the same day of the month, William Clarke was similarly sentenced for a like offence in the same parish.
At the Summer Assizes at Lewes on July 29th, 1820, there were two cases sent from the East Grinstead Bench, and the death penalty was the Judge's order in both— Horton Clarke for horse stealing at West Hoathly, and William Harcourt and John Butcher for highway robbery at Worth. Three years later, at the corres­ponding Assizes on July 26th, George Wood was sentenced to death for robbery from the person at Withy-ham, having been committed from East Grinstead. The ages of prisoners had little effect on the sentences in those days. For instance, two young boys named Wale and Chitter were sent for trial from East Grinstead in 1824 for housebreaking at Hartfield, and on August 14th, at
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