The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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226                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
and sutes of lawe he hath very shamefully offered certain somes of money unto one Thomas Ellis to enter into sutes of lawe again with him.
He may therefore have had a finger in the following strange suit, in which a lady figures very prominently. John Turner was the attorney appointed for the " liverie and sesin of a dede made from John Farnam of a chapel and certain lands to the Lord Buckhurst," and Katherin Pickas hunted him up at the house of Stephen French in East Grinstead and asked him what he was up to. He told her he was there "to take possession for my Lorde of Buckhurste of the chapel of Brambletie and land which pertanied thereunto." Thereupon ensued, accord­ing to the lady, the following conversation:—
Mrs. Pycas: By what authoritie ? John Turner: By authoritie from John Farnam. Mrs. Pycas : What hath he to do here; this matter is ended by the Quene, God save her highness.
John Turner : Yt makes no matter for the Quene.
Mrs. Pycas : No ; Is my Lord of Buckhurst above the Quene ?
John Turner: Yes, in this respect.
This was enough for my lady of Brambletye. Here was rank sedition; here was a false allegation against the Queen. Off she went with her six attendants and very soon made her way to Lewes, where she laid her version of the story before six Magistrates. They hardly cared to deal with it, so they drew up a statement of the facts and laid them before " the Right Honable and our verie good Lordes the Lordes of her Majestie's most honourable Privee Counselle." Katherin Pycas was supported in her version of what was said by her six attendants. John Turner's story was a very different one. He stated that when he went to make " liverie and seizin" of the chantry and chapel of Brambletye he and his men were set upon and beaten and had to flee. Katherin Pycas followed and on catching Turner up said, "What have you to do here, and will you show your authority ? " He produced the deed and the lady thereupon claimed that her title to the chapel was a good one, so Turner asked her to prove it. So she would, " to his betters," she said, and as the lady was apparently
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