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losing her temper Turner walked away, but she and her men, armed with staves and other weapons, followed him, she saying, " You Berkshire gentlemen, you think to make me stoop to you, but I will not." Eventually Turner got away, and so ended the episode. The Privy Council possibly smiled and put it all down to a woman's wilfulness, for nothing was done to the " seditious " attorney.
A special commission of Oyer and Terminer, addressed to several Peers, Judges and Esquires of the County of Sussex, opened at East Grinstead on February 1st, 1586. Before the Court was brought William Shelley, of Michelgrove, who was charged with having, on Septem­ber 15th, 1583, imagined and compassed the death of Queen Elizabeth, the subversion of the established religion and government and the procurement of an invasion of the Kingdom. It appeared that one, Charles Paget, who had been an exile for treason, came back secretly to England and Shelley met him in a wood at Patching, and there the pair " held traitorous intercourse touching the proposed invasion and the elevation of Mary Queen of Scots to the throne." It was occurrences of this character that no doubt helped to bring about the execution of that unhappy monarch a year later. Shelley was found guilty, committed to the Tower and later on brought to Westminster Hall for judgment. He was sentenced to death at Tyburn, but he escaped the headsman, his attainder was subsequently removed and when the order of Baronets was instituted in 1611 his son was the fifth person placed on that roll of honour.
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