The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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232                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
judgment was given for the defendants on the ground that the lease was bad ab initio.
May 16th, 1887, will not be readily forgotten. A special edition of the East Grinstead Observer was issued giving the result, and scenes of extraordinary excitement were witnessed in East Grinstead. " As the news spread," says a newspaper account, " people shouted, danced, shook each other's hands and alternately laughed and cried for joy." Flags and bunting of every kind hung from numerous windows; favours of white and blue ribbon were distributed by hundreds; places of business were closed; and the streets became crowded with people. Over 1,000 persons gathered at the station to meet the defendants on their arrival; their carriage was drawn to the town by the Fire Brigade; the Town Band led the way, and con­gratulatory speeches were delivered in the presence of 3,000 listeners. The scenes of excitement continued until long after midnight. To show his disapproval of the Band taking part in such a demonstration the late Mr. C. H. Gatty, J.P., of Felbridge Place, resigned his presidency and withdrew all support from the Band for several years.
The parishes at present forming the East Grinstead Union, together with Lingfield in Surrey, were united for the purposes of Poor Law administration in the year 1835, but it was not until 1860 that they opened the existing Workhouse in Glen Vue for their joint use. As a result of the Local Government Act of 1894, the parish of Lingfield was eventually transferred to Godstone Union, wholly in its own county of Surrey. By the same Act was brought into being the Rural District Council, the members of which, together with five elected for the urban parish of East Grinstead, form the existing Board of Guardians. Of the Rural Council Mr. W. V. K. Stenning, J.P., of Halsford, was co-opted as the first Chairman at the opening meeting held on January 3rd, 1895. To him succeeded, on May 5th, 1898, Mr. Job Luxford, of Forest Row, an elected member, who held the position seven years and had the honour of being
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