The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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240                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
The churchyard of East Grinstead was closed for future burials on July 1st, 1866, except in existing vaults, and in them it was ordered that each coffin should be embedded in charcoal. On September 9th of the previous year the Home Secretary had given notice of his intention to close the churchyard, and on September 22nd the Vestry decided to purchase from Earl De la Warr a portion of the "Green Field" at £100 an acre for use as a cemetery. The negotiations with his Lordship, however, fell through, and on July 16th, 1866, the present cemetery site was purchased from Mr. W. Pearless at £200 per acre. It was consecrated by Bishop Trower on February 3rd, 1869. The first burial therein was that of Mr. William East on February 6th, 1869. The lowest number of burials in any one year since has been 47 in 1889 and the highest 79 in 1893. The Burial Board was formed in 1867, and at its first meeting on July 11th, Mr. T. R. Burt was elected chairman and Mr. A. Hastie clerk. Subsequently the Rev. C. W. Payne Crawfurd became chairman and remained so until the extinction of the Board. It existed for nearly 30 years, the last election of members to it by the Vestry taking place on July 26th, 1894. The duties were then transferred to the Urban Council. The Mortuary at the Cemetery was added in 1879.
In the year 1874 it was thought that it would be a great improvement to the old town to plant some lime trees on the High Street slope, the houses facing which at that time belonged to Earl De la Warr. The sugges­tion had been made by the Vicar to Mr. John Tooth, who had an interview with Lord De la Warr's steward, and he was granted permission to plant the trees, provid­ing the tenants gave their consent to the proposal. All of them fell in with the suggestion with the exception of Mr. E. Gatland (who owned the premises now tenanted
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