The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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by Mr. J. H. Honeycombe), Mr. Thos. Steer (who lived where Mr. F. C. Watford's house now is) and Mr. Joseph Sheppard (whose premises now form the shop of Messrs. Brooker Bros.). The trees were planted at the expense of the late Mr. W. A. Head and Mr. Tooth, and are flourishing to this day, being now taken care of by the Urban Council. The refusal of the three gentlemen above named to allow the trees to be planted in front of their premises accounts for two of the gaps in the row of greenery which so charmingly sets off our quaint and handsome old High-street during the summer months, the space in front of Messrs. Brooker Bros, having been filled up at a later period.
The date of the establishment of East Grinstead Fair was July 16th, 1247. The following is a translation of an entry in quaint and very abbreviated Latin, which appears in a Chancery Charter Roll of this date :
The King, &c. Know ye that we have granted and by this our charter have confirmed to our trusty and beloved Peter de Sabaudia and his heirs that his market, wrhich was accustomed to be held every week in his Manor of Grenested, henceforth shall be held every week on Monday in the said manor. We have granted also to Peter that he and his heirs may have a fair in his aforesaid Manor of Grenestede every year, to last for two days, that is to say on the eve and day of St. James the Apostle, unless that market and fair should be to the hurt of the neighbouring markets and neighbouring fairs. Whereas we will, &c.
W. Bishop of Salisbury.
S. de Monte Forti, Earl of Leicester.
John de Lexinton.
William de Vescy.
Paulinus Peyvere.
William de Say.
Robert de Musegros.
William de Bello Monte.
Robert le Norreys.
And others being witnesses. Given by our hand at Clarendon on the 16th day of July in the 31st year of our reign.
The day of holding the market would seem, for some reason, to have been changed from Monday to Sunday,
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