The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES.                     269
Sheppard, T. Gravett, T. Foster, J. Fowle and A. T. Hooker. The present Directors are Messrs. W. V. K. Stenning, J. B. Allwork, P. E. Wallis, T. Fieldwick, F. Turner and J. Donaldson. Mr. Evelyn A. Head has held the position of Secretary for many years. Mr. D. T. Livesey is in charge of the Gas Works and Mr. R. G. Payne, who comes of a very old East Grinstead family, has the superintendence of the Water Works. The authorised capital is £57,814, of which £5,814 is "A" stock, £7,000 "A" shares, £5,000 "B" shares and £40,000 " C " shares. The whole of the " A " stock and "A" and "B" shares have been issued, together with £20,000 of the "C" shares. There have also been debentures issued to the amount of £8,053. 10s., making, with premiums, a total capital issue of £48,232. 7s. 6d.
The progressive section of the community were not long in making their presence felt after the establishment of the Company. The subject of public lighting was brought before a specially convened Vestry meeting, held on September 22nd, 1855, and a resolution in favour of the adoption of the Watching and Lighting Act was only defeated on the casting vote of the Chairman. Nothing daunted, the promoters began the collection of subscrip­tions, and on November 9th, 1855, the streets of the town were lighted for the first time by gas. The benefits of the system were so appreciated that a year later, October 16th, 1856, the Vestry reversed its prior decision and agreed to adopt public lighting by gas for a radius of 11/4 miles from the Parish Church at an expense not exceeding £80 a year. Having got the required permission, the Gas Company lost no time in extending the system under the direction of the lighting inspectors. To meet the cost, the charge then being 7s. 6d. per 1,000 feet, it was found necessary at the ensuing Easter Vestry on March 19th, 1857, to make a lighting rate over the specified area of 8d. in the £ on houses and 2d. in the £ on land. As soon as they had to pay people began to grumble, and the result was that on November 27th of the same year a poll was taken on the question of the amount to be allowed and 152 people voted for £80 a
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