The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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270                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
year, but only 16 for cutting it down to 40 a year. Since then the system has gradually developed until now East Grinstead is as well provided with public lights as any town of its size in the South of England at a cost of about 500 per annum.
In 1896 an attempt was made to introduce the electric light, and on June 26th of that year the East Grinstead Electric Lighting Company was incorporated with a capital of 15,000. The Urban Council, however, gave notice that it would oppose the Company's provisional order, as it desired itself to have control of the electric light. Consequently the Company died out, and in time the Urban Council changed its mind and abandoned all idea of building electric light works. The electric light was first used in East Grinstead on January 13th, 1885, when it was temporarily installed for a bachelor's ball at the Crown Hotel.
Gas was first publicly used in the village of Forest Row on November 18th, 1903.
This Company was incorporated in September, 1889, with a capital of 4,000 in 800 shares of 5 each, of which 590 shares, producing 2,950, have so far been issued. The Company was formed to take over the laundry which had been built in Wood Street, Station Road, and to carry on there or elsewhere the business of a laundry company in all its branches. The premises were publicly opened for use on November 2nd, 1889. The present Directors of the Company are Messrs. Evelyn A. Head (chairman), H. S. Martin, A. Bridgland, C. M. Wilson and W. H. Hills. Mr. S. J. Huggett is secretary.
This Company was incorporated on July 3rd, 1890, with a capital of 4,000, divided into 4,000 shares of 1 each, of which 2,124 shares have at present been issued. The Directors of the Company are Messrs. W. V. K.
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