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LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES.                     273
of 1 each and 5,000 ordinary shares of 1 each. There have so far been issued the whole of the preference shares and 4,000 of the ordinary shares. The Directors of the Company are Messrs. A. Bridgland (chairman and managing director), A. Heasman, J. B. All work and A. Davis. Mr. E. T. Berry has been secretary from the commencement.
This Company owns businesses at Lewes, Eastbourne and East Grinstead. It was registered on August 31st, 1899, to take over the general printing works in the towns named long owned by Mr. Joseph Farncombe and the newspapers published by him, including the East Sussex News, Eastbourne CJironicle, East Grinstead Observer, Sussex and Surrey Courier and other well-known county journals. The capital of the Company is 30,000, divided into 6,000 shares of 5, of which 4,300 shares, making a capital of 21,500, have up to the present been issued. The Directors from the first have been Messrs. J. Farncombe, J. Farncombe, jun., T. J. Farncombe, F. R. Terson and H. G. Walston.
This Company was registered on April 10th, 1901, with a capital of 3,000 in 600 shares of 5 each, for the purpose of taking over the business of steam road roller proprietors and reaping, mowing and haulage contractors hitherto carried on by the Executors of the late Mr. Abraham Foster, of Hazelden Farm, East Grinstead. Up to the present 500 of the shares have been issued. The first Directors were Messrs. Joseph Rice (chairman), D. Dadswell, W. Miles and W. H. Hills, and they still hold office. The character of the business has been greatly changed during latter years and the Company has now the largest engineering works in the neighbourhood.
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