The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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Pages 16 and 31.—Thomas Cure, who obtained the grant of arms for East Qrinstead on being returned by the Borough to Parliament, was buried in Southwark Cathedral, and over his tomb is a marble stone, inscribed:—
Thomas Cure, Esq*
(of Southwark) Obiit 24'h May, 1588 Elizabetha tibi princeps servivit Equorum A Sellis Curus quem lapis iste tegit. Serviit Edwardo Kegi Mariaeque Sorori ; Principibus magna est laus placuisse tribus. Couvixit cunctis charus respublica Curae Semper erat Curo Commoda plebis erant. Dum vixit, tribui senibus curavit alendis Nummorum in sumptus annua dona domos.
This piece of punning poetry has puzzled many a latter-day scholar. Was Cure a pi-osperous tradesman who served three monarchs, or was he an officer in three successive Royal households—those of Edward VI., Mary and Elizabeth? Bearing in mind that it was in the reign of the last-named monarch that he was elected to Parliament and that Lord Buckhurst, the patron of this Borough, was Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth, the latter was possibly the honour he enjoyed, and the following is perhaps not a very incorrect free translation of the inscription : —
Cure, whom this stone covers, served Elizabeth as Master of her saddle-horses. He served also King Edward and Mary his sister. A great honour is it to have pleased three Sovereigns. He lived beloved by all. The State was ever a care to Cure. The welfare of the people was a care to him. During his lifetime he cared for the support of the aged and caused annual gifts of money to be assigned to meet the expenses, and he gave houses also.
Page 24.—In 1384 Ricardus Danyell and Ricardus Woghere were returned M.P.'s for East Grinstead on April 29th and November 12th.
Page 30th.—At the bye-election in 1557-8, caused by Thomas Sackville electing to sit for Westmoreland, Thomas Farnham was returned for East Grinstead.
Page 38.—On April 21st, 1675, Edward Sackville was elected for East Grinstead in the place of Lord Buckhurst, created a Peer.— On October 25th, 1678, Thomas Pelham was returned vice Edward Sackville, deceased.
Page 49.—The following were additional bye-elections : On April 5th, 1715, and November 6th, 1722, Richard Lord Viscount Shannon was returned for East Grinstead vice Spencer Compton, who on each occasion elected to sit for the County of Sussex; on April 6th, 1725, Edward Conyers was returned vice John Conyers, deceased.
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