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An illustrated descriptive guide, to the places mentioned in
the writings of Rudyard Kipling.

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The following song by the Rev. A. Frew en Aylward, which is now printed for the first time, is a charming tribute to Sussex :
Some praise the sturdy northland Whose sons are tall and strong, Some make the busy midland The burthen of their song : And east is east, and west is west,
Each with its separate spell, But the land for me skirts the southern sea, And the praise of its folk I'd tell.
Clay of the weald, chalk of the down Breeze from the boisterous sea, These are the things make Sussex men The sort of folk they be !
You may see them pull the hop poles,
You may see them guide the plough, You may see them launch the lugger
While the waves break o'er her bow ; And when the war cloud gathered And the country called for aid, Men of the shire—son, brother and sire— Stood ready and undismayed ! Men of the marsh and moorland,
Sons of the shore or sea, Heaven keep you still, through good or ill, The sort of folk you be.
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