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An illustrated descriptive guide, to the places mentioned in
the writings of Rudyard Kipling.

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114                     KIPLING'S SUSSEX
afterwards it disappeared as suddenly as it came, and a small keg of brandy was left on the door­step, apparently as a thank-offering. There is no doubt that under his easy going predecessors the place had been regularly used as a smugglers' hold.
" Some Records of Bygone Pevensey," by the Rev. A. A. Evans, throws considerable light on Pevensey in the days of Queen Elizabeth. This pamphlet may be obtained in return for dropping twopence into an alms box in the church.
A few passages from the extracts from the parish registers and old records quoted in this booklet may be given :
" The Pevensey Hundred Court Book begins 1698, from which the following extracts are taken :
" 1698. Wee present Wm. Dulvey and ffrancis Coomber for want of a bridge and stay between Monk's Marsh and the green lands, and that it be sufficiently repaired by the 25th day of March next, sub poena 10s.
" 1699. Wee present Richard Joans and John Wickason for Lying about at their own Hands and taking away of poor men's worke.
" 1710. Wee present John Sargent, gent., for nott workeing four dayes in the Highway Last Year.
" 1711. Wee present William Albury for keeping a Grayhound and for destroying Coney's and other Gentleman's game . . . ffine 8s. 8d.
" 1713. Wee present Mr. Wm. Plumer, Wm. Shoo-smith and William Winter for not removing their Dunghills out of the High Street in Pevensey.
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