KIPLING'S SUSSEX - online book

An illustrated descriptive guide, to the places mentioned in
the writings of Rudyard Kipling.

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238                   KIPLING'S SUSSEX
If you drink that much o' Tipper beer you'll see the world go round !
Chorus—Oh, Tipper was a Sussex man, etc.
When Shelley thought that he'd be born, he says, ' I'll
bring renown To Sussex first, an' England next,' so he chose Horsham
town; An' if you go down Horsham way you very soon will
know it, ' We doant read Shelley/ Horsham says, ' but still he
is our poet! "
Chorus—Oh, Shelley was a Sussex man, etc.
Dick Cobden went from Heyshott to the pleace called
Parlyment, An' there he lived from year to year, an' middlin' time
he spent A-taking taxes off the corn fur to help old England's
poor; Now, boys, just raise your voices, an' join me in a
roar :
Chorus—Oh, Cobden was a Sussex man, etc.
The Devil come to Sussex dunnamany year ago,
He run up an' down the county—here an' there an
to-an'-thro, He saw the land was sweet an' fair, an' fine in every
way, Says he,' I'll settle here fur life.'—You'll find un there
Chorus—Oh, the Devil was a Sussex man, etc.
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