KIPLING'S SUSSEX - online book

An illustrated descriptive guide, to the places mentioned in
the writings of Rudyard Kipling.

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APPENDIX                            245
Gansing-gay -                              Cheerful.
Good heart -                               Good condition.
" A garden in good heart."
Gotch - - - - - A large stone jug.
Hack-hook -                 - - Hook for trimming
Hem-a-bit -                               Not a bit.
Hob-lamb                                 - A pet lamb.
Hog-pound -                               Pig-stye.
Huckle-my-buff -                      Beer, eggs and brandy
Hugger-mugger - - - In a slovenly and mud­dled manner.
Hurly-bulloo - - - A noisy disturbance.
Lamentable - - -             Very.
" I be lamentable worried about my boy."
Leetle.....Little, very little.
" I never see one of these here gurt men there's s'much talk about in the peapers, only once, and that was up at Smiffle Show adunnamany years agoo. Prime Minister, they told me he was, up at Lunnon ; a leetle, lear, miserable, skinny-looking chap as ever I see [Disraeli, I imagine]. ' Why,' I says, ' we doan't count our minister to be much, but he's a deal primer-looking than what yourn be.' "
Long-dog -                               Greyhound.
Nestle about the house - - To work in and about the
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