KIPLING'S SUSSEX - online book

An illustrated descriptive guide, to the places mentioned in
the writings of Rudyard Kipling.

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APPENDIX                         247
Still Sow                                   - A cunning and selfish
man. " The still sow eats the wash or ' draff.' "
" We do not act, that often jest and laugh ; 'Tis old but true, ' Still swine eat all the draugh.' "
Tipler ----- Ale-house keeper.
Top of the house - - - To be " top of the house"
is to be out of temper.
Trim-tram Gate -                      The church lich-gate.
Tram means train or cortege.
Valiant -                 ... From vaillant (French),
stout; well built.
See Kipling's " Dymchurch Flit" : "She was a fine, valiant woman, the Widow Whitgift."
Weather-tender -                      Wise.
Kipling's Widow Whitgift, who could tell "where lost things might be found, an' what to put about a crooked baby's neck, an' how to join parted sweethearts," would be called weather-tender.
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