Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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his malice, than to grant them life only to prolong their torments!
Poor Galley not being able to sit on horseback any longer, Carter and Jackson took him up and laid him across the saddle, with his breast over the pommel, as a butcher does a calf, and Richards got up behind him to hold him, and after carrying him in this manner above a mile, Richards was tired of holding him, so let him down by the side of the horse; and then Carter and Jackson put him upon the grey horse that Steel had before rode upon; they set him up with his legs across the saddle, and his body over the horse's mane ; and in this posture Jackson held him on for half a mile, most of the way the poor man cried out " Barbarous usage ! barbarous usage ! for God's sake shoot me through the head"; Jackson all the time squeezing his private parts.
After going on in this manner upwards of a mile, Little Harry tied Galley with a cord, and got up behind him, to hold him from falling off'; and when they had gone a little way in that mariner, the poor man, Galley, cried out " I fall, I fall, I fall"; and Little Harry,giving him a shove as he was falling, said, " Fall and be
d......d"; upon which he fell down, and Steel said that
they all thought he had broke his neck, and was dead; but it must be presumed he was buried alive, because when he was found, his hands covered his face, as if to keep the dirt out of his eyes.
Poor unhappy Galley ! who can read the melancholy story of thy tragical catastrophe without shedding tears at the sorrowful relation ? What variety of pains did thy body feel in every member of it, especially by thy privy parts being so used ? What extremity of anguish didst thou groan under, so long as the small remains of
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