Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.                                   17
them ; and they insisting that she should go up and ask Mm, she did, and brought down word that her father would suiter nobody to be brought there, be they who they would ; upon which they returned to the rest.
Though this Pescod was (as I have observed) a reputed smuggler, and therefore these fellows supposed he would give them harbour upon this occasion, yet it does not appear that he had gone such lengths as the rest of them had done ; for if he had, he would not have refused admitting them at any hour of the night, not­withstanding his illness; but he imagining they were upon some villainous expedition, resolved to have no hand in it, or have his name brought in question on that account. But to proceed.
By this time it was between one and two in the morning, when they agreed to go to one Scardefield's at the lied Lion at Eake, which was not far from them. When they came there, they knocked at the door, but the family being all in bed, Scardefield looked out of the window, and asked who was there. Carter and Jackson told him who they were, and desired him to get up, for they wanted something to drink, and there were more company coming ; Scardefield refused several times, but they pressing him very hard, he put on his clothes and came down, and let them in after many times refusing.
As soon as he was down, and had let Steel, Jackson, Carter and Richards in, he made a fire in the parlour, and then went to draw some liquor, while he was doing which he heard more company come in; and he going into the brewhouse saw something lie upon the ground like a dead man. They then sent him to fetch them some rum and some gin, and while he was gone for the same, they had got poor Chater into the parlour, and on his bringing the liquor, they refused to let him in; 2
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