Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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44                               SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
Sir J. Miller, Bart., foreman. William Mitford, Esq. Sir M. Fetherstonhaugh, Bart. James Gohle, Esq.
Sir Thomas Eidge, Knt.           John Cheal, Esq.
John Page, Esq.                        "William Leeves, Esq.
George Brainstem, Esq.            Richard Xash, Esq.
William Battine, Esq.              Thomas Fowler, Esq.
John Winker, Esq.                   William Peckham, Esq.
Edward Tredcroft, Esq.            William Bartlet, Esq.
William Winker, Esq.              John Holiest, Esq.
Samuel Blunt, Esq.                  Francis Peachey, Gent.
William Pool, Esq.                   John Laker, Gent.
Peckham Williams, Esq.          William Peachey,Gent
Thomas B. Bilson, Esq.            John Pay, Gent. Thomas Phipps, Esq.
As soon as they were sworn, Mr. Justice Foster gave a most learned and judicious charge, taking notice among other things, that this commission, though it did not extend to all the crimes which are cognizable under the general commissions which are executed in the common circuits; yet it did not differ from other commissions granted for holding the assizes, so that they must proceed on this commission in the same method of trial as was usually done in commissions of assizes; that this commission was only to enquire of murders, manslaughters and felonies committed in the county of Sussex, and the accessaries thereto, and there­fore the Grand Jury could not take notice of anything else but what was specified in the said commission.
Then his lordship was pleased to say, that the several murders and other crimes, committed by armed persons gathered together contrary to all law, in this and the neighbouring counties, loudly demanded the justice of the nation ; and for that reason his Majesty
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