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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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grand jury had received the bills, they withdrew to the council chamber in the North Street; and the following persons were sworn to give evidence before them, who immediately after their being severally sworn in court, went and attended the grand jury, viz., William Steel, alias Hardware, and John Eace, alias Eaise (two accomplices in the said murders), Mr. Milner, collector of the customs at the port of Poole; Mr. Shearer, collector of the customs at the port of Southampton ; William Galley, son of the deceased William Galley; Edward Holton, George Austin, Thomas Austin, Eobert Jenkes, Joseph Southern, William Garrat, William Lamb, Eichard Kent, Ann Pescod, William Scardefield, Edward Soanes, Mrs. Chater, the widow of the deceased Daniel Chater, John Greentree, George Poate and Mr. P>rackstone. And then the court adjourned until nine o'clock the next morning.
Chichester, Jan. 18, 1748-9.
The judges went to the court this morning about nine o'clock, and the court being sat, the seven following prisoners, viz., Benjamin Tapner, John Cobby, John Hammond, William Jackson,* William Carter, Richard Mills the younger and Richard Mills the elder, were put to the bar (the grand-jury having returned both the bills found into court), and arraigned upon the indict­ment for the murder of Daniel Chater; the three first as principals, and the other four as accessaries before the fact.
The clerk of the arraigns called upon the several prisoners at the bar to hold up their hands, which being
* Jackson was so ill that he was obliged to be brought in a chair ; and likewise was permitted to have a chair, and sat during the time of both his trials. 4
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