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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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58                                  SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
little while, and then agreed to join and be tried together. And then the jury were sworn, and charged by the Clerk of the Arraignments, whose names were as follows, viz. :
John Burnard, foreman,       John Hipkins,
William Faulkner,                William Hobbs,
Eichard North,                     John Shotter,
William Halsted,                  Thomas Stuart,
Henry Halsted,                     William Poe,
John Woods,                         Christopher Wilspn.
The counsel for the King were Henry Banks, Esq., Sidney Strafford Smythe, Esq., and two of his Majesty's counsel learned in the law; also Mr. Burrel, Mr. Purkes, and Mr. Steele, recorder of Chichester.
Mr. Steele opened the indictment, as soon as the jury were sworn, against the prisoners ; after which Mr. Banks very judiciously and learnedly laid down the facts attending the murder, which we choose to give our readers in his own words.
Counsel for the King : " This is an indictment against the seven prisoners at the bar, for the murder of Daniel Chater. It is against the three first, viz., Benjamin Tapner, John Cobby and John Hammond, as principals in that murder, by being present, aiding, abetting and assisting therein; and against Thomas Stringer and Daniel Perryer as principals also, and wrho are not yet apprehended. And it is against the prisoners, William Jackson, William Carter and Eichard Mills the younger, as accessaries before the murder; and also against three others as accessaries before the fact, viz., John Mills, another son of Eichard Mills the elder, Thomas Willis and Edmund Eichards, not yet taken and brought to justice.
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