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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.,                            61
obligation of taking up more time than will be either agreeable to the court or to myself.
" To avoid confusion in stating such a variety of facts with the evidence and proofs thereof, and to fix and guide the attention of the gentlemen of the jury to the several particular parts of this bloody tragedy, at last completed in the murder of Chater, I shall divide the facts into four distinct periods of time.
" 1st. What happened precedent to Chater's coming to a public house, the sign of the White Hart, at Rowland's Castle in Hampshire, kept by Elizabeth Payne, widow, upon Sunday, the 4th of February, 1747-8.
"And this period of time will take in the occasion and grounds of the prisoners' wicked malice to the deceased and the cause and motive of bis murder.
"2nd. What happened after Chater's arrival at the widow Paine's, to the time of his being carried away from thence by some of the prisoners to the house of Richard Mills the elder, at Trotton in Sussex.
" This will disclose a scene of cruelty and barbarity, previous to Chater's murder, and show how active and instrumental the prisoners Jackson and Carter were therein.
" 3rd. What happened after Chater was brought to the house of Richard Mills the elder, to the time of his murder, upon Wednesday night, the 17th of that February.
" This will take in the barbarous usage of Chater at Mills' house; a consultation of sixteen* smugglers in what manner to dispose of Chater, and their unanimous resolution to murder him : and will shew Tapner, Cobby
* There were sixteen in the whole, with Race and Steel, the two admitted evidence for the King.
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