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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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68                                   SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
carried before Eichards. He was afterwards laid alono-alone upon a horse, and supported by Jackson, who walked by him, and was at last carried before Sheerman, who supported him by a cord tied round his breast. When they came to a lane called Conduit-lane, in Eogate parish, in this county, Galley in the extremity of anguish, cried out, " I shall fall! I shall fall!" upon
which Sheerman swore, " D......n you, if you will fall,.
do then;" and as Galley was falling he gave him a thrust to the ground; after which Galley was never seen to move, or heard to speak more.
" Jackson, Carter, and the others, in order to prevent a discovery of the murder of Galley, went about one o'clock on the Monday morning, to the Eed Lion at Eake, in Sussex, a public house, kept by William Scardefield, whither they carried Chater all over blood, and with his eyes almost beat out; and also brought the body of Galley. They obliged Scardefield to shew them a proper place for the burial of Galley; and accordingly he went with Carter, Howard, and Steel, to an old fox earth, on the side of a hill near Eake, at a place called Harting Coombe, where they dug a hole .and buried Galley.
" The same morning, and long before it was light,, whilst some were employed in the burial of Galley, Jackson and Sheerman carried Chater to the house of Eichard Mills the elder, at Trotton.
" I am now come to the third period of time: from Chater's arrival at the house of Eichard Mills the elder,, to his murder upon Wednesday night, the 17th of February.
"And here it is that Eichard Mills the elder appears to be privy and consenting to the intended murder of Chater. A private house was thought much more
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