Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSBX SMUGGLERS.                               69
proper and safe for the confinement of Chater, than a public house, at all times open to every man; and therefore Chater was to be removed from Scardefield's. The prisoners and their companions being no strangers to Old Mills, but his intimate acquaintance, and con­federates in smuggling; where could Chater be so secretly imprisoned, as at the private house of the elder Mills ? and where could he be more securely guarded than under the roof of one of their gang ? With these hopes and reliance, and in full confidence of the secresy and assistance of Old Mills, Chater was brought to his house by Jackson and Sheerman. When they came there, they told Old Mills they had got a prisoner; he must get up and let them in; upon which Old Mills got up, and received Chater as his prisoner, whose face was then a gore of blood, many of his teeth beat out, his eyes swelled and one almost destroyed. I shall here omit one or two particular circumstances, which the witnesses will give an account of; which shew that Old Mills was also void of all tenderness and compassion. " Chater was received by him as a prisoner, and a criminal; and therefore was to be treated as such. Old Mills's house itself was thought too good a prison for him ; and therefore he was soon dragged into a skilling or out-house, adjoining to the house, wherein lumber and fuel was kept. And although Chater was in so week and deplorable a condition as to be scarce able to stand, yet to prevent all chance and possibility of his escape, he was chained by the leg with an iron chain, fastened to a beam of the out-house; he was guarded night and day, sometimes by ISheerman, and sometimes by Howard, who came there that Monday evening. Thus he continued in chains until he was loosened for his execution. But lest he should die for want of
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