Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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truth of those facts, no man can doubt the consequence thereof, that Chater was murdered, and the prisoners were his murderers."
Mr. Smith, another of the King's counsel, also spoke as follows, viz.:—
"The crime they are charged with is one of the greatest that can be committed against the laws of God and man, and in this particular case attended with the most aggravated circumstances.
" It was not clone in the heat of passion, and on provocation, but in cold blood, deliberately, on the fullest consideration, in the most cruel manner, and without any provocation. The occasion being as you have heard, only because he dared to speak the truth.
" This prosecution, therefore, is of the utmost import­ance to the public justice of the nation, and to the safety and security of every person; for if such offenders should escape with impunity, the consequence would be, that no crime could be punished. It would teach highwaymen and all other criminals, to unite in the manner those men have done, and whoever received injuries from them would not dare to take any steps towards bringing them to justice, for fear of exposing themselves to the revenge of their companions.
" Our constitution, therefore, which must be supported by a regular administration of justice, and a due execution of our laws, depends, in some measure, on bringing such offenders to, condign punishment; and it is to be hoped a few examples of this kind will restore the peace and tranquillity of this county.
" In stating the facts, I shall point out to you the share which every one of the persons at the bar had in this murder.
" In October, 1747, the custom-house at Poole was
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