Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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76                               SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
Scardefield's, when Carter and Jackson said, that as they came along, they brought Chater by a steep place thirty feet deep, Young Mills said, 'If I had been there I would have called a council of war, and he should have come no further.'
" This being determined, the prisoners Tapner, Cobby, Hammond, Carter and Jackson, together with rive more of that company went to Old Mills's, where they found Chater chained and guarded by Sheerman and Howard, and told him he must die ; he said he expected no other. Tapner then said he would be his butcher, and, taking out a knife, cut him across the eyes and nose ; on which Old Mills said, ' Don't murder him here, but take him somewhere else first.'
" Tapner, Cobby, Hammond, Carter, Jackson, and the rest, who came there together, with Sheerman and Howard, then carried him away to murder him: Sheer-man, Howard and Eichards, having been concerned in Galley's murder, said the rest should kill Chater, and therefore went away to Harting; Carter and Jackson having been likewise concerned in Galley's murder, when they came to Lady Holt Park Gate, turned in there, and left the others; having first told them,' The well is a little way off, you can't miss it; 'tis fenced round with pales, to keep the cattle from falling in.'
" Tapner, Cobby, Hammond, Carter, Jackson, and the rest, went then to the well, where Tapner put a rope round Chater's neck to hang him; and some of the pales being broken down, Chater would have crept through. Tapner would not let him, but made him climb over the pales, weak as he was, and then hanged him in the well about a quarter of an hour, till they thought him dead; then having drawn him up till they could take hold of his legs, they threw him headlong into the
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