Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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84                               SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
that the witnesses George and Thomas Austin had spoken of; that they all went together to Eowland's Castle, and got there about twelve o'clock, and went into a house there which was kept by the widow Payne. He did not hear her give any directions to send for any­body ; but the prisoners Carter and Jackson soon came thither; that whilst he was there he did not see any abuse, or observe that either of them were bloody, and that he had no conversation with Jackson further than that Jackson said he would see the letter which was going to Major Battine, and Carter, he believed, might say so too; when he wanted to go away, Jackson would not suffer him to go through the room where the two men were (for the two men were carried into another room), but Jackson told him if he had a mind to go, he might go through the garden to the back part of the house where his horse should be led ready for him ; that he did so, and found his horse there and went away.
Being now particularly asked if he could say why Jackson refused his going through the room where the two men were, he answered he could not be certain, but believed it was for fear the two men should go away with him ; and that he did not order his horse to be led round to the garden himself; and that George Austin and he went away together upon his horse, and that Jackson declared he would see the letter one of the men had in his pocket; and the witness saw the direction of it was William Battine, Esq., at East Marden.
Being cross examined by the prisoner Carter, whether Carter said he would see the letter, he answered that both Carter and Jackson said they would see the letter for Justice Battine ; that he (the witness) did not order his horse to be carried to the back part of the house ; and that Carter was by, when he was told by Jackson,
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