Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.                               85
that if he had a mind to go, his horse should be led to the back part of the house.
Joseph Southern deposed that on Sunday, the 14th February last, he saw Jenkes, the two Austins, and two other men coming from Havant towards Rowland's Castle. One of them had a blue coat on, and rode a grey horse; and he went to Rowland's Castle himself that day, and saw Jenkes, the two Austins, and the same two men sitting on horseback, drinking at the widow Payne's door; he stayed there best part of an hour, and saw them and several other persons in the house; that he saw Carter and Jackson in the house whilst he stayed there; he sat down and drank a pint of beer by the kitchen fire, but the other persons were in another room ; that he saw the two men come out to the door and go in again, and one of them had an handkerchief over his eye, and there was blood upon it; that he met this man as he was going in, and heard him say to Jackson, " I am the King's officer, and I will take notice of you that struck me." That Carter was not present when this was said, but was in the house : the man who spoke thus to Jackson had a parchment in his hand ; he likewise saw a letter in his hand, and heard him say he was going to Justice Battine with it; that he (the witness) went away between two and three o'clock, and did not know what became of the letter, nor had he heard either Jackson or Carter say what became of it.
This being all Mr. Southern had to say, and Jackson and Carter, though asked particularly if they would have him asked any questions, saying they had none, he was set down.
William Garret deposed that he was at the widow Payne's on the 14th of February last, and saw Jackson
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