Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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86                                   SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
and Carter and two strangers there; that one of them who had a blue coat on, had received a stroke upon his cheek, and the blood run down just as he came in; this man was standing up by the back of a chair, and Jackson by him, and he heard Jackson say, " that for a quartern of gin he would serve him so again," by which he understood that Jackson had struck him before. He did not hear the man say he was the King's officer, but he heard Jackson say, " You a King's officer! I'll make you a King's officer, and that you shall know." Then when he went away he left them all there.
The prisoners would not ask this witness any questions.
The next witness produced was William Lamb, who being sworn, deposed, that he went to the widow Payne's, at Eowland's Castle, on the 14th of February last, about four in the afternoon, and found Jackson and Carter there; that before he went he saw one of the widow Payne's sons call Carter aside, at his house at Westbourne; that there were several other people there (Eowland's Castle) in another room, amongst whom were Thomas Austin and two men that were strangers to him, one of whom had on a blue great coat. He further deposed that the two men who were strangers he understood were going with a letter to Justice Battine; but that he saw no ill-treatment during the little time he stayed there. He said that during the time he was there Edmund Eichards, one of the company, pulled out a pistol, and said that whoever should discover any thing that passed at that house, he would blow his brains out. But that Jackson and Carter, two of the prisoners, were not in the room when these words were spoken, as he verily believes. He saw, he said, the man in the blue great coat, pull a parchment
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