Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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SUSSEX SMUGGLERS..                                   89
the prisoners Carter, Jackson, and Little Sam, Richard Kelly, Jackson's wife, and Galley and Chater; he saw Jackson take Chater to the door, and heard him ask him if he knew anything of Dimer the shepherd, and Chater answered he did, and was obliged to go and speak against him; that Galley then went out to keep Chater from talking to Jackson ; whereupon Jackson knocked Galley down with his fist; that Galley came in again, and soon after Jackson and Carter. When they were all come in, he (the witness) with the prisoners Jackson and Carter, and Edmund Richards, went into the back room ; that there they enquired of Jackson what he had got out of the shoemaker (meaning Daniel Chater); that Jackson informed them that Chater said he knew Dimer and was obliged to come in as a witness against him ; that then they consulted what to do with them (Chater and Galley)—this was about three o'clock in the afternoon : they first proposed to carry them to some secure place, where they might be taken care of till they had an opportunity of carrying them over to France; and that when this proposition was made, the prisoners Jackson and Carter, and Richards and him­self were present. This resolution was taken to send them out of the way, that Chater should not appear against Dimer; and afterwards it was agreed to fetch a horse and carry them away; that Galley and Chater appeared very uneasy, and wanted to be gone; and thereupon Jackson's wife, to pacify them, told them that she lived at Major Bat tine's and her horse was gone for, and as soon as it came she would shew them the wray to Mr. Battine's; that he (the witness) then went away, and saw no more of them that night.
Being cross examined at the request of the defendant's counsel, he said, " At this consultation there
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