Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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100                             SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
hand, and hearing him declare it should be his (Chater's) butcher; that they then went out into the skilling, and found Chater sitting upon some turf, and Tapner ordered him to say his prayers; whilst he was repeating the-Lord's Prayer, Tapner cut him over the face with his knife, and Cobby stood by kicking and damning him. This, too, was whilst the poor man was saying the Lord's Prayer. That Chater asked them what was become of Galley, and they told him he was murdered, and that they were come to murder him. LTpon which, Chater earnestly begged to live another day ; that Cobby asked him his name, and whether he had not formerly done harvest-work at Selsey ? To which he answered that his name was Daniel Chater, and that he had har­vested at Selsey, and there he became acquainted with Dimer. That Little Harry unlocked the horse lock that was on his (Chater's) legs, and Tapner, Cobby and Stringer brought him out of the skilling, and set him upon Tapner's mare, in order to carry him to the well,, to be there murdered, and thrown in ; and that all the company knew at that time what was to be done with him ; that they rode about three miles towards the welly and sometimes whipped Chater with their horsewhips;
and Tapner observing that he bled, said, " I)......n his
blood, if he bloods my saddle, I will whip him again." When they came to Harting, Carter, Jacksonr Eichards, Little Sam, Little Harry, and Steel said," We have done our parts, and you (meaning the rest of the company) shall do yours." By which they meant, as he took it, that they had murdered Galley, and that the rest should murder Chater; and Richards, Little Sam and Little Harry, stopped there, and did not accompany them any further; the rest went on towards the well, but Carter and Jackson stopped before they came to it,
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